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North West Sweep

Tel: 028 70 848663 / Mob: 07968 737 784

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Our Services
North West Sweep provides a complete service to private home owners, tenants, landlords, estate agents and business customers including bars, restaurants and hotels.

Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements. 


Sweeping of all types of chimney and flue on open/closed fires and multi fuel stoves.  We use the latest rod and brush vacuum systems to ensure a clean and trouble free sweep.  The fireplace/stove is fully sealed during the sweep to ensure flooring, carpets and furniture are soot free. Our goal is to ensure that it was like we were never there.  There's no cleaner sweep than North West Sweep!

Smoke Tests

We offer two types of smoke test.

A simple test to ensure the appliance is properly drawing smoke and that there are no obstructions. 

We also offer a full smoke test where we block the chimney and burn a smoke pellet to fill the entire chimney.  We then verify that that are no leaks into the property including the roof space and that the appliance is safe to use.  Any signs of damage or issues that need to be addressed will be reported to the customer.  Where it is felt that continued use of the appliance may be unsafe, we will issue an 'unsafe' notice.

  IMPORTANT:  Suspected obstructions to your chimney or flue must be rectified as soon as possible.  Do not use your appliance.

We can clear a wide range of obstructions from your chimney or flue.  Chimneys can be become blocked for a number of reasons including bird nests, broken masonry and other random debris that may collect in the chimney.  A chimney can also become blocked if it is not used for an extended period of time, or if it has been heavily used and not regularly maintained or cleaned by a qualified sweep.

Pots and Cowls

We supply and fit a wide range of high quality pots and cowls to suit every need.  If you have a damaged pot or require some advice on ways to address downdrafts and other problems, we have a pot or cowl to suit you.  All professionally fitted.

and Advice

If you have a damaged pot or other issues such as downdrafts we can offer advice and possible ways to address them.  We carry a range of pots and cowls to address specific downdraft issues.  Also, if you are planning to bring a disused chimney back into operation, we can provide the necessary advice to do so.


Carbon Monoxide Alarms

We stock the latest carbon monoxide detectors from Honeywell and can provide advice on their placement.  We are also happy to arrange the fitting.


CCTV Inspection

We have invested heavily in the latest CCTV inspection equipment to provide visual inspections of all types of chimney, flue, lines and pipes.  A visual inspection can give the peace of mind that a chimney is safe to use.  While smoke tests can indicate a problem, only by visual inspection can the issue be identified and then corrected.